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Please, read before you submit. Help us, help you. 

Will you foster the found cat?

     Thank you for reaching out! Please help us provide you with help faster by telling us more details about your situation. Our foster homes are stuffed full with foster cats. We are all volunteers, we tirelessly work to save cats many hours through the day. Please allow us time to respond. Sending multiple messages takes time away from us being able to help more people.  

~Found cats/kittens? Let us know if you are willing to foster the cats you found. If you open up your home/spare room/bathroom/large dog kennel/large closet for a few months we can get the vetting process started sooner. We provide supplies and vet care. Send photos ready if you want us to try and find a foster. Tell us about their personalities and anything else you know about them. 

~Want to surrender cat/kittens? First, send a detailed message of why you are surrendering your cat. Our foster homes are completely full! Are you willing to foster your surrendered cat until they can find a home? Please have the cat fully up to date on shots. Send their up to date vet paperwork to us with your request. If we can accept your cat into our foster program, this jumpstarts the paperwork process. Have several photos ready to send. Have a DETAILED biography of the cat ready to go. Tell us everything you know about your cat. We aim to place cats forever, not just for now. 

~Want some help with TNVR for community/colony cats? First, we can NOT come in and remove cats from your neighborhood and "deal" with them. We are a small rescue, we do not have a team of people to come into your neighborhood. Are you able to help these cats? Are you able to trap/hold/transport/provide aftercare/release.  We help community/colony cats that are cared for. Help us raise funds for your neighborhood and we can help! 

*We require borrowed traps that are stolen or damaged replaced.

Remember: We are volunteers working as fast as we can!

Mailing Address:
Operation Topcat
PO Box 922
Sneads Ferry, NC 28460
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