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Operation Topcat was formed in 1995 by a few residents of Topsail Island North Carolina who were working as individuals to help stray and feral cats in the area.  The group was incorporated in July 1996 and has 501 (c)(3) non-profit status from the IRS.

Our organization recommends and uses the "trap/neuter/return" (T/N/R strategy.) Homeless cats that are not tame are spayed or neutered, have their left ear "tipped" for easy identification as having been spayed or neutered and then are returned to their colony for continued care and feeding by their caretaker.  Those cats or kittens that are tame are available for adoption. We currently have cats at PetSmart in Jacksonville, NC (Western Blvd.) and The Sound Cat Veterinary Hospital in Wilmington, NC.

All Topcats to be adopted are spayed/neutered, given age appropriate vaccinations, tested for Feline Leukemia, and micro chipped.

If you are feeding one or more stray or feral cats or kittens and need help, please contact us.  You must continue to care for the colony.  Together we can humanely help the cats and reduce the overpopulation of cats in our area.

Topcat's assistance is available to people who want to help the stray or feral cats in the Topsail, North Carolina area, including Sneads Ferry, Holly Ridge, Hampstead and the surrounding area in a humane and caring way. Topcat does not have a shelter, only a few foster homes.  Help depends on available space at a foster home and how much money we currently have as we rely 100% on donations to do our work.  Please contact us if you are interested in being a Topcat foster.  We can not relocate feral cats as we do not maintain a feral colony.  To get help with a feral colony you must continue to care for the colony.


We are working to help as many stray & feral cats through spay/neuter, adoption and education as we can. We rely 100% on donations and all monies go to help the stray and feral cats.  

Topcat encourages all pet owners to spay or neuter their own pets, not just to reduce the over population, but also to reduce the pet’s possible exposure to diseases or injuries.

A Twelve Year Journey Home- Bob's Story

A story that I hope will restore your faith in humanity.

It’s a Long Story But Please Read!! 

ALWAYS TRY MORE THAN ONE REHOME SITE PLACE!! Because not all will register your microchip!!!

Once upon a time there was a little female cat. Everyone thought she was a boy so they named her Bob.The sad kitty was born October 7th, 2003.  She had been adopted by a wonderful family who loves cats!! Upon going to the vet they found out she was a girl, not once but twice.... She was spayed and microchipped!! So the name stayed and she was Bob! She was a very large beautiful young black kitten, she was going to be very very big, and she had beautiful glossy black hair.  She was treated like a queen and was fed the best meals! She was full of all kinds of sass, attitude, and energy!! She was a Pistol!!! She really didn’t like a lot of people being around so much and one day she escaped out the door. She was young and full of herself! At the age of 4 Years you know just how spunky these little guys can be!!!  She did not realize that her humans were devastated by her leaving home!! Poor Bob was never seen by her owners again. This was around October 2007.... They searched high and low to no avail and they continued looking for a couple of years. They hoped they would find their beloved Bob..... But no Bob. With great sadness and disdain..... They finally gave way and got a new kitty. His name was Bob Junior. Again a beautiful, strong, black kitten.. As the years passed they adopted another black kitten and his name was Bob the third! 

Fast forward to 2019!! A plea for help came out asking if someone could please rescue a kitty that looked like it was old, blind, emaciated, and possibly injured! A wonderful lady by the name of Bethany who started feeding the sad kitty contacted Operation Top Cat asking for help. Bethany was very concerned for the safety and welfare of Bob, and had been feeding her, but knew she needed a more permanent solution as she was moving in a week or so...One of our amazing board members, Jenn, had been notified, looking for placement and a foster for Bob, so she made a plea for help. Miss Kitty's Place answered the post that Jenn put out and contacted Bethany and set up a time to try to capture this blessed sad kitty.... Bethany coerced the kitty into a carrier (a sheer stroke of love, trust, and fate!!) Miss Kitty's Place was already on her way over to get the sad kitty! She brought that little kitty (who wasn’t so very little) home and thought it was a boy by the build of this body! Even as weathered and weak, thin, dehydrated,flea bitten and malnourished as the kitty was, it still had the body of some stature! Well the sad kitty turned out to be a girl!! That sad Kitty was looking for a name so she was given a temporary name (Remy). The vet pronounced her pretty healthy considering she had anemia, she was malnourished, she was dehydrated, and on and on and on! AND SHE WAS MICROCHIPED!!!!The sad kitty had been abandoned for two months by people who had moved or so we thought...So she was taken back to Miss Kitty‘s Place and starting her road to recovery! She had been tested and vaccinated and now she needed a lot of hydration, tender loving care, and really good quality food. So Miss Kitty decided to track the chip number and came up with the original owner! She asked that the microchip owner be contacted..  Miss Kitty's Place was very wary about doing this but had to because it was the right thing to do. Within 20 minutes she received a phone call!! The gentleman on the other end (Brian) said that he had lost his cat and that his wife and he had gotten the call! They were in shock and total disbelief! He was so happy you could hear him almost jumping for joy over the phone!! They wanted to come and see the kitty and get her immediately. Miss Kitty's Place told him that she was not the same kitty that they once knew ...  She felt that they needed to be prepared because their cat had changed an awful lot, that she had aged and that she was in poor health, was blind, and for the moment would need a lot of care..... Miss Kitty's Place asked them to think about it and talk about it first. Well I’m here to tell you that that did not take very long!! All within a couple hours Miss Kitty's Place got a phone call and they wanted to come and visit and see Miss Bob!!  Bob is now 16 years old!!  She has been missing for 12 years!!! They were interviewed, questioned quietly, and in seeing the reactions and responses, Miss Kitty's Place knew that this was their long lost  cat Bob!! In that moment they knew they would never be separated again by an open door! They are now a family reunited after all these years!! With children in tow and having talked it all out among all of the family members, they took their beloved Bob home!! Brian And I will be in touch for a long time and keeping track of our beloved Bob!! 

My best wishes to you Brian Salter And Your Family!!

Operation Top Cat would like to send a special thank you to all of those involved in helping Bob become reunited with her family. This is truly a rescue story of a lifetime! Best wishes to Bob, Brian, and family! We wish you a lifetime of love, laughter, happiness, and joy! This is a celebration of a true miracle against all odds. When we all work together for a common good, miracles can truly happen!

Special Thanks To: Bethany Brake, Jenn Jones, Miss Kitty Place, Brian Salter and family. 

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